First of all, I love teenagers. I love this stage of development where young people are questioning life, themselves, and the world; a time when they are looking for independence, developing their values, and finding their way.  

I started my career in education as a Special Education Teacher, working with students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disabilities and I am currently a licensed school counselor.  I started a very successful dance team that I coached for 24 years. I have a background in theater co-directing the high school musical for ten years and participating and volunteering for numerous regional theater productions both on and off the stage. I have been involved in many community organizations and regularly volunteer. With my husband, I raised two strong, independent, and confident women who are now in their thirties raising their own families. 

Through all of these different roles, I have had the privilege of working with teens and their parents, in a variety of situations and settings. From parenting to coaching to counseling to community service; these experiences have given me a unique view of the relationships between parents and their teens and how these reciprocal relationships can blossom and grow. I am ready to help support parents, teachers, coaches, and communities better understand and navigate the journey of life with teenagers. 

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Awards Received

  • 1999 - Playhouse 412 Robert Creamer Award for Community Theater Support and Participation
  • 2008 - Frazee High School Teacher of the Year
  • 2016 & 2018 - Minnesota Association of Dance Team Coaches Coach of the Year
  • 2019 - West Central School Counselors Association School Counselor of the Year
  • 2020 - Minnesota School Counselor Association Multi-Level School Counselor of the Year